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If you are going on a trip, then the last things that you want are to get sick or injured while being aboard. In addition to the uncertainty about the healthcare conditions and facilities, it could be pretty pricey to get treatment in foreign land. Your dream to travel may be interrupted with practical matters like how to pay for the healthcare provided. Surely a broken arm or any other medical condition may bring dismay but financial trouble can ruin your travel plans like nothing else. Most travelers spend a lot of time planning their trip or travel plans. Travelers are more prone to accidents and illnesses when they are in foreign land under foreign weather and there is no way to prevent unfortunate incidents. Whatever medical problems you have, you do not need to be worried about financial concerns anymore as you can benefit from the travel insurance.

Travel insurance covers any losses incurred while traveling either domestically or internationally. These losses include incidents like accidents, luggage loss, medical emergencies, and financial default to travel agents or suppliers. Travel insurance can be acquired when the tickets are being booked for the trip. This is called temporary insurance. Temporary insurance covers medical and other expenses cover only the duration of the trip. There can also be multi-trip travel insurance. Multi trip insurance covers medical expenses and any losses incurred during a number of trips during a specified time. This kind of insurance is has time constraint on it.


The main benefit of a travel insurance whether temporary or multi trip is that it gives the traveler assurance that he will not be responsible for making arrangements for money if something goes wrong while he is travelling. Travel insurance cannot prevent unfortunate events or help people getting better soon when they are sick but wouldn’t it be better to know you do not have to be constantly worried about monetary problems?

Travel insurance may cover all or some of the following common risks involved when traveling domestically or internationally:

  • Travel delays due to bad weather

Any delays due to bad weather are covered under travel insurance. So if you are sitting on the airport, waiting for the weather to turn better, don’t mop around and go to the airport hotel. It is covered under your travel insurance. Any necessary expenses you bear due to delay caused by bad weather are covered under travel insurance.

  • Trip cancellations

Did you have to cancel your flight due to an emergency meeting at the office? Or is your flight cancelled due to bad weather? Do not worry. Travel insurance will cover the cost of cancelled tickets.

  • Trip interruptions

Travel insurance makes sure that you are compensated for inconvenience caused by trip interruptions. Trip cancellation and trip interruption is often offered as a bundled package. Anyone wanting to benefit from trip interruption reimbursement can also benefit from reimbursements in case the flight is cancelled.

  • Repatriation of remains

In case of death of a traveler who has acquired travel insurance with coverage for repatriation of remains, his body will be transported back to his country of origin. When someone passes away, the decision to be buried at his country of origin is still his if chooses the travel insurance coverage for repatriation of remains. It is only fair that the family of the deceased do not have to worry about the repatriation charges at the time of such grief.

  • Flight connection missed due to airline schedule

If there is a delay in the flight time, then anyone who has to catch a connecting flight may not be able t get there on time and miss the flight due to this delay or sometimes, the airline schedules change and it is not possible to catch a connecting flight. In such cases, travel insurance can cover the cost of missing the flight and any expenses incurred for catching another connecting flight.

  • Delayed baggage

If there is a delay in the recovery of baggage, travel insurance provides coverage for it.

  • Lost baggage

Imaging yourself in a foreign country without any luggage. All your clothes and other things that you packed with such care and after much deliberation, now lost. Wouldn’t you be furious? But fret not; travel insurance covers any luggage that is lost. Wouldn’t you feel relief at knowing that you will be compensated and reimbursed for your lost luggage?

  • Damaged baggage

If your luggage is damaged in any way, travel insurance will cover that as well.

  • Emergency medical treatments, including sickness and accidents

With travel insurance, travelers can be reimbursed for the amount spent on medical expenses. Medical facilities are provided to the people who sign up for the travel insurance. Medical treatments and medical assistance is paid for or reimbursed later by the insurance company.

This is one of the most common reasons why people take travel insurance in the first place. If you have diabetes, blood pressure or cardiac problem it is wise to benefit from the travel insurance before you make definitive plans for travelling a foreign country or even domestically. This way, you will not have to pay for the medical treatments and part of the payment will be covered by the insurance company.

  • Accidents resulting in injuries, disablement or death

Any injuries, accidents or disablement that requires medical attention will be looked after by the travel insurance. At least part of the medical expenses bill will be paid by the insurance company against the travel expenses.

  • Emergency evacuation

In case of a political upheaval or any natural disaster, the expenses for emergency evacuation will be compensated by the insurance company if you have travel insurance coverage for emergency evacuation.

  • Overseas funeral expenses

A traveler might choose to have his funeral arranged overseas if he dies while he is abroad. This can be covered by the travel insurance. All the funeral arrangements in this case will be made by the insurance company.

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