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Extended Health and Dental Insurance

Extended Health and Dental Insurance

The costs of living a healthy lifestyle are increasing every day. While some provincial health plans cover many major health costs, they may not cover items like antibiotics and physiotherapy, which can grow to be major expenses if a member becomes sick or needs a condition treated by a health professional (provincial plans vary across Canada).


Extended Health Care insurance, or Medical insurance, is an affordable form of protection that helps cover the costs of health services and supplies not paid for under provincial plans. Members can also purchase family coverage. This insurance will give your members everyday access to needed health care because they know that if they or a family member become sick, they can afford to provide the necessary health care.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance coverage is also a key way for members and their families to protect their dental health. As with other forms of health care, dental care can become very expensive without insurance protection. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential, especially since more and more research is showing how problems with dental health can affect our overall state of health. Dental insurance product is not sold as a stand-alone product. In order to be covered under our dental plan, members must also be covered under our Extended Health insurance plan.

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