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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a simple way to protect yourself and the financial well-being of your family. It can be affordable and easy to understand.

Life insurance is a foundation of every body's financial future. Unexpected tern can strike any one and if you are not protected it will ruin all of your and your family's financial well being.


You can use Life Insurance as a Tax Shelter for your investment. Your investment stays TAX-FREE while it is building up within the plan, you will earn TAX-FREE income from the plan in retirement, your savings protected against all potential creditors and when you're gone, the rest of the money plus Life Insurance Face amount goes to your beneficiaries TAX-FREE!

There are three kinds of Life Insurance:

Universal Life Insurance

It is a type of permanent life insurance based on a cash value and Tax Free earnings to increase your net worth.

Term Life Insurance

Affordable financial security for defined periods: 10, 15, 20, 25 - 40 years.

Whole Life Insurance

Obtain enhanced financial protection with guaranteed cash surrender values and guaranteed premiums.

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