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Registered Retirement Income Fund

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

RRSP is one of tax deferral investment vehicles, which allows you, within limits, to put some of your earned income into an investment, and not have to pay tax now on that income plus tax-sheltered compound growth that will take place over the years. Everything you put into an RRSP, all the interest that it earns is not taxed until you withdraw it.

RRSP account with Insurance Financial Institutions gives you extra protection and guarantees on your initial investment and protect your savings against potential creditors. Flexibility of your investment options plus advantage of integrated savings plans that combines all of your savings objectives: investments, saving for special projects, retirement savings and retirement income.

If you unhappy with your existing RRSP investment return you can invest your entire portfolio in to private mortgages and earn 6%-12% secured by Canadian real estate. By opening a self-directed account with one of the financial institutions listed below, the RRSP plans become the mortgage holder. All payments are directed back to the self-directed RRSP accounts and your entire profit is sheltered from tax. Financial institutions such as Olympia Trust, National Trust and B2B Trust are approved under the National Housing Act. They become trustees in administrating your RRSP mortgage.

When you rich 71years of age you have a choice: withdraw all of your money or transfer them in to the RRIF.

RRIF allows you to make withdrawals as needed and continue accumulate tax-sheltered income after you are 71.

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