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Visitors to Canada and Student Plans

Visitors to Canada and Student Plans

Visitor to Canada Insurance will cover your friends or family planning to visit Canada from another country, landed immigrants or returning Canadians waiting for provincial health coverage and for individuals in Canada on a work or student visa. Health insurance from their home country may not cover them in Canada. This plan protects you and your loved ones against financial strain in case of an emergency medical situation.

Visitor to Canada Insurance also covers side trips, to an overall maximum of 30 days, to any country in the world except your country of origin. These side trips can happen before or after your visit to Canada (maximum 15 days) or in the middle of your visit, as long as you spend at least 51% of your overall coverage period in Canada and you have no gaps in your coverage.

If insurance is purchased before arrival in Canada, there will be no waiting period for sickness coverage and in many circumstances; we even provide coverage during your uninterrupted flights to and from Canada at no additional charge!

Special features of 21st Century Visitors to Canada Insurance include:

To obtain a "Super Visa" for your parent or grandparent you are required to purchase private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company that:

Student plans for students studying outside their home province or territory and international students studying in Canada; this plan offers coverage in case of a medical emergency, as well as coverage for basic medical care such as annual physical check-ups, eye exams and dental visits.

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